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Virtual Reality

We create virtual worlds and transfer users into them using VR goggles, giving them an unforgettable experience of participating in a different reality. In order to achieve a deeper immersion, the virtual world can be enriched with 3D or binaural sounds. VR applications using 3D scenes and models, animations, 360-degree films and equipment: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, enable:

- getting to know places that have not yet been created in reality, no longer exist or function only in one's imagination. Thanks to this, we can test or present prototype products, even before the production stage starts, and customers can walk around the construction sites that are yet to be built.
- getting to know the reality that is hard to observe in a natural way. For example, we can go inside of the human body and learn the principles of its functioning, understand the processes that occur in human organs and possible dysfunctions. Same with various devices, we can observe their operation from the outside and inside in a virtual way. It provides huge educational and promotional opportunities. From showing new medicine discoveries, to the presentation of a ship's engine at a defence fair, and all that without the need to display powerful machines.
- participation in unusual entertainment allowing to immerse in fairy-tale settings, experience a chilling adventure and use one's imagination

We offer:
- medicine-related VR applications
- VR applications for industrial companies
- VR applications for children
- VR games for corporate events
- VR applications for fair shows


How do we work?


We start with a question of what purpose and need should the planned VR application fulfil, we analyse our client's needs. The creative team carries out an interview and assists the client with our experience in creating VR experience. Based on the information gathered, we develop the application concept. We consult our idea with the client, collect comments, implement and finalise the final concept. Then a storyboard and functional scheme of the application are created. From conceptual work, we move to production. The 3D design team begins modelling. At the same time, our developers are working on scripts that will interact with scenes and 3D models. For this purpose, we mainly use Unity 3D and Unreal graphic engines. 3D models and emerging fragments of VR applications are constantly tested and consulted with the client until final acceptance. If we are dealing with a mobile VR application, intended for a wide audience, we place it in the Google Play and AppStore markets.

Depending on one's needs, we implement high-budget VR applications written from the ground up and according to the scenario agreed with the client or, in the case of smaller budgets and shorter deadlines, we modify the applications that have been written earlier. Thanks to the comprehensive Berrylife offer, our VR productions can be implemented during a planned event with a full multimedia setting. From constructing the stand and arranging the stage to the delivery of large-format media such as LED screens or video walls, allowing guests to observe what users see in VR goggles.

See some of our realizations