Wjazd na Kasprowy Wierch w technologii 360

The cableway trip to Mount Kasprowy in 360 technology

At the request of and in cooperation with the advertising agency MDI, we realized a project for Polish Cableways Company (Polskie Koleje Linowe) for the 80th anniversary of the cableway to the top of Kasprowy Wierch. Our products have been used during the promotional actions of PKL “80 years at the top”. The main part of the order was to made spherical video in 360 technology showing the cableway trip, from the bottom station Kuźnice through the indirect station Myślenickie Turnie up to the top station Kasprowy Wierch. In the film, there are also charming panoramas of the Tatra Mountains from nearby peaks in the beautiful winter scenery. Low temperature, strong wind and moody weather didn’t favour us during the work. Nevertheless, we were motivated by desire to show in the best way, the one of the biggest polish tourist attractions. From the footage we put together 3,5 — minute film. Watching it, you can find yourself in the heart of the Tatra Mountains for a brief moment. In addition, we have prepared the occasional animation that shows the development of the cableway over the years and the figures inextricably linked with the history of PKL. The premiere of the film 360 and the animation took place during the PKL press conference, exactly 80 years after the first cableway pulled to the top of Kasprowy Wierch.