Polityka prywatności



In the interest of preserving the right to privacy of users of the berrylife.pl service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), and in compliance with legal requirements, we publish a document that explains and informs about the manner in which data provided by Service Users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") is collected, processed, and secured. The owner of the berrylife.pl service is Berrylife Szoka Kurlit Limited Partnership, Podole 60, 30-394 Kraków, NIP 6783100518, Regon 121121394, KRS 0000711485.


Berrylife ensures that its Users can use its Services anonymously. The Service does not automatically collect any information, except for information contained in "cookie" files. These are computer and login information, system logs containing the date, time of visit, and the IP address of the computer from which the connection was made, as well as data on the viewing statistics of individual elements of the service, traffic to and from individual websites. These actions aim to improve the Service and adapt it to the needs of the User.


The Service uses the "cookies" mechanism to better tailor it to the needs of our Users. "Cookies" are small files saved on the User's end device, used to identify the User's browser while using our Service. Through "cookies", statistical information about User traffic, User activity, and how the Service is used is provided to the administrator. They allow the content and services of http://support.mozilla.org/pl/kb/ciasteczka#w_ustawienia-ciasteczek to be tailored to the User's preferences.

Berrylife uses Google tools to track the actions of Service Users. In this case, "cookies" are used to store information, e.g., about the time the User's current visit started and whether the User has visited this website before, and from which website they accessed the website administered by Berrylife.

The content of "cookie" files and "web beacons" does not allow for the identification of Users; personal data is not processed or stored through them.

Most "cookie" files are so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted from the hard drive after the session ends (i.e., after logging out or closing the browser window). Some of them allow the User to be identified during a subsequent visit to the Services and are not automatically deleted, remaining on the end device.

At any time, the User can disable the acceptance of "cookie" files in their browser. However, such a change may result in difficulties related to the use of services provided through the service.

Each of the internet browsers available on the market has the ability to manage "cookie" files. Therefore, if the User decides to disable the acceptance of "cookie" files, they should first familiarize themselves with how to manage "cookie" files placed in the help of the browser they use.

The User can configure the browser they use to reject all "cookie" files, not delete "cookie" files, or send notifications when such files are sent from the server. After visiting the Services, the User can delete temporary files placed on the end device during a given session.

The ways of blocking the acceptance of "cookie" files described by manufacturers:

Blocking the acceptance of "cookie" files in Firefox
Blocking the acceptance of "cookie" files in Internet Explorer
Blocking the acceptance of "cookie" files in Chrome
Blocking the acceptance of "cookie" files in Safari

For mobile devices, just as for stationary devices, a mechanism for accepting "cookie" files has been implemented, allowing for the storage of information related to a given User.

The User can disable the acceptance of "cookie" files from the level of the mobile browser they use at any time. However, such a change may result in difficulties related to the handling of content and services provided through the Services.

Due to the variety of mobile devices available on the market and applications for handling internet services, managing "cookie" files in different browsers looks different. Therefore, to block the acceptance of "cookie" files, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with how to manage privacy/security functions placed in the menu of the browser used by the User.

If there are problems related to setting the blockage of accepting "cookie" files, the User can ask for help from the Customer Service Office by sending an electronic inquiry to the e-mail address: cookies@berrylife.pl


This document refers only to the Services administered by Berrylife. Berrylife is not responsible for links placed in the Service that allow Users to directly go to sites not administered by Berrylife. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content of privacy provisions placed on the sites to which the references lead.


Information provided by our Users is processed and stored using appropriate security measures compliant with the requirements set by Polish law. Berrylife protects User data against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. Data is processed in a controlled environment, maintaining high standards of protection.


In the footer of the Service, the administrator undertakes to maintain the current content of the privacy



Questions and comments regarding the principles of the privacy policy and their compliance should be directed electronically to the e-mail address: cookies@berrylife.pl.