Muzeum Zamek w Oświęcimiu
The Castle Museum in Oswiecim - multimedia exhibition
The Castle Museum in Oswiecim - mobile app with NFC, multimedia guide
The Castle Museum in Oswiecim - mobile app with AR (Augmented Reality)
The Castle Museum in Oswiecim - sound tubes

The Castle Museum in Oswiecim

At the end of the year 2013 there was an opening of the "In the Royal Town Oswiecim" exhibition. Berrylife was responsible for the multimedia on the exposition. We provided an interactive table, few projectors and LED displays. These devices facilitate access to archive media, which we included in the touch app. We prepared also an innovative sound tubes, which allow to listen to audio recordings.

The conclusion of the project was an animation made by us, which is proudly shown by the museum and enjoyed by its audience. This short animated movie is a combination of old postcards and pictures of the Oswiecim Town.

This year we were asked by the museum for creating the application with an audio guide function. The app contains audio recordings for each exhibition room in five languages, as well as an additional text and photo materials. Rooms' descriptions are run by closing-up the mobile device to a NFC tag in each room. In addition the audio guides were enriched in an Augmented Reality elements, which allow to move the objects or add some extra items, not displayed in real. It is possible to use the app on museum's devices delivered by us or download on each own mobile from the Google Play platform.