Wodociągi Warszawskie
Wodociągi Warszawskie - multitouch videowall
Wodociągi Warszawskie - videowall instllation
Wodociągi Warszawskie - multitouch 3x3 videowall
Wodociągi Warszawskie - multitouch videowall installation

Wodociągi Warszawskie

At the end of March 2015 we made interesting installation for public sector institution. In two objects, owned by Wodociągi Warszawskie, water treatment plant "Filtry" and sewage treatment plant "Czajka" we built multitouch videowalls, each one with diagonal 138" and 4K resolution. We used all together 18 NEC X464UNV-2LED backlight screens. The videowalls will be used to present interactive applications, that promotes and educates about warsaw's water supplies systems.

Each screen allows for multitouch navigation (32 touch points), what makes it available for few people at the same time. We delivered also one multimedia kiosk to each place (32"). So big installations with huge touch videowalls still are very rare, especially in a public sector. That makes this realization worth attention even more.