Polish Defence Holding - LED screen, videowall 3x3
Polish Defence Holding - videowall 2x2
Polish Defence Holding - videowall with defence industry presentation
Polish Defence Holding - videowall and screens
Polish Defence Holding, Kielce, videowall 2x2
Polish Defence Holding, Kielce, videowall 2x2

Polish Defence Holding

MSPO (Defence Industry International Salon) is a huge event, where exhibitors from all over the world come to promote the most advanced products and services for military use. Berrylife took part in the 21st edition, that took place in Kielce in autumn of 2013. We were responsible for multimedia for the fair stand of PHO (Polish Defence Holding).

Working at this kind of event is a huge challenge, due to its sheer scale. PHO stand at the MSPO was enormous - it measured 4 200 sq m. And it certainly didn't see any shortage of huge vehicles and modern devices. So the multimedia and visuals had to go hand in hand with such modern technology. Especially if the venue has guest like Polish president Bronisław Komorowski or representatives from the government and the general staff.

Not only we took care of sound and visuals at the stand, but we also built a few impressive instalations. Among them were seven 92" videowalls, each made from four modules in addition to the 138", nine-module screen. Berrylife also delivered 11 50" LED displays and four 42" LCDs. And for the presentations, conferences, and expert panels we provided sound equipment and microphones.

Some of the equipment was bought as part of a project co-financed by the European Union for the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for years 2007-2013 with resources from the European Regional Development Fund.