Located in Kraków, iMed 24 Medical Centre is one of the most advanced organizations of this type in Poland. In semtember of 2012 it was also the place were International Congress of Computer Tomography Users was held with the help of Philips and Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Berrylife took care of multimedia at the event.

Visuals and sound for a conference is obviously nothing new for us. But the very specific kind of congress held at the iMed24 made the task Philips set Berrylife much more challenging. And that's because workshop acitivities from medical imaging lasted for almost two days and were the key point of the whole conference. And with medical equipment everything, event the tiniest detail, must be absolutely top class. The image has to be of the highest quality and resolution, and the colour reproductions can't be anything but 100 percent accurate. So we had to bring in devices from the cutting edge of display technology.

We provided the congress with super-advanced 10000ANSI Full HD installation projector, along with a 250" screen and an additional review display. Secondly, we brought to the event eight high class FullHD 8000ANSI projectors, each with a screen, from 120" to 150". Not a single event in Poland before, not even in the medical industry, had such set of modern video equipment, jointly worth hundrends of thousand of zlotys.