Orange - interaktive store front
Orange - touchable interactive store front


Telecoms are always there at the biggest shopping malls. In Kraków, Orange decided to do something to stand out of the crowd. How? With interaction, of course! And who else could they ask for help with introducing multimedia technology in one of their points if not Berrylife?

Some of our installations were placed inside the store. We used an interactive floor with a simple objective in mind. It was supposed to entertain Orange customers while they were waiting in a queue. It’s a great device to attract attention, and because of its size and placement, it’s also comfortable and pretty easy to access, so it worked perfectly for that purpose. Positive reaction form the customers proved that it had been a right choice.

While cooperating with Orange we also made a step outside the store. We put our interactive projection foil on the storefront. Therefore, a touch panel accessible to anyone passing by was created. The storefront let people check out the details of the latest offers from Orange catalogue and take part in a simple game about painting Serce and Rozum (Heart and Reason), the iconic characters from a hugely popular advertising campaign.