Multimedia Fair Stands

You select the design, order...
and don't have to worry about anything else

We will adapt the stand arrangement to any space maintaining the metric area you ordered

Module fair stands, the arrangements of which have proven themselves during events across Europe

The large-format high-resolution LED display is the key element that will enliven your stall and draw the attention of the attendees. You can present multimedia content (such as images, numbers, photos, videos, animations) on it in any arrangement.

The wall sheathing, the floor, and the decorative parts are single-use only - the highest quality and aesthetic characteristics are therefore guaranteed

A comprehensive solution - when you buy a "SHOWCASE" you are ordering a complete solution for a given fair with all necessary equipment

The price includes adapting your promotional materials (videos, photos, catalogs, images) to displaying them on the LED screen

The offer applies to the rental of the stand for a period of 1-4 days

You can order the stand up to 7 days prior to the event

Tens of satisfied customers, we are working with Lufthansa, Samsung, Pronar, Codewise, Astellas, and others

2500 €net + the costs of logistics*
  • LED screen - 7.5m2
  • flooring in any color - 6 - 9m2
  • 1 table + 3 armchairs
  • display stand for leaflets
  • illuminated counter with the company logo + 1 bar stool
3500 €net + the costs of logistics*
  • a high-resolution LED display wall - 14m2
  • flooring in any color - 12m2
  • 1 table + 4 armchairs
  • display stand for leaflets
  • backroom - 2m2
  • illuminated counter with the company logo + 1 bar stool
from 5000 €net + the costs of logistics*
  • high-resolution LED display wall - 16m2
  • flooring in any color - 25m2
  • 3 tables + 9 armchairs
  • display stand for leaflets
  • interactive table
  • backroom - 2m2
  • 2 illuminated counters with the company logo (+2 bar stools)

Examples of Showcase stands

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