CeBIT, international computer fair, is the world's biggest event of the kind. Hundreds of thousands of people come every year to Hanover to take part. In 2012 and 2013 Berrylife also went there, and did it with a bang. We took care of Polish national stand on behalf of the Ministry of Economy.

For the 2012 edition we built an impressive videowall, made of nine modules. The whole screen measured 138 inches diagonally. Additionally, the system used Kinect technology to showcase multimedia gallery using motion control, becoming more attractive and interesting. The second videowall, built using a projector, displayed an interactive map of Poland. We also delivered three 46" touchscreen monitors with an app that underlined business and tourism opportunities in our country. The Polish national stand, jointly over 800 sq m, also had three interactive tables with presentations about achievements of our economy. They were positioned in the VIP rooms, were meetings between businessmen and investors were held. They really caught the attention of many visitors, including minister Waldemar Pawlak. Additionally, it was our responsibility to take care of audio and video.

In 2013 Poland was an official partner of CeBIT, and it became even greater opportunity for us to do one of the most ambitious and prestigious projects in the history of Berrylife. We were responsible for audio and video on three fair stands and multimedia support for over 150 partners. To provide all the installations we used 160 46" Full HD displays. We built two huge, 184" videowalls, each made of 16 modules. There was also one smaller videowall, with nine modules, similar to the one from year before. And you can't forget about the powerful 12000 ANSI and 8000 ASNI Full HD projectors, which made the visual part even more beautiful. The touch tables were used again, but we also brought to CeBIT something completely new - the interactive floor.