Małopolskie Targi Innowacji
Malopolska Innovation Fair - virtual tour in Oulus Rift goggles
Malopolska Innovation Fair - Oculus Rift
Malopolska Innovation Fair - interactive videowall with virtual tour touch app
Malopolska Innovation Fair - 3D printing workshops
Malopolska Innovation Fair - VR rollercoaster
Malopolska Innovation Fair - MakerSpace

Malopolska Innovation Fair

Almost since the beginning Berrylife takes care of interactive solutions during the festival. This year we prepared a virtual tour through the fair tent and the Small Market Square. The application was available online or to download on each own computer before the fair, as well as on a large touch screen during the fair day. In this purpose we built a 92 inches multitouch video wall, which allowed to control a virtual movement in easy way.

We also presented 3D printing possibilities. In the Maker Space area arranged by us, fair attendees could build their own lamp, beginning with its elements 3D printing to the connection necessary cables and an emitting diode.

The real hit was the presentation of the Oculus Rift virtual goggles. Participants could take a ride in a virtual roller coaster and feel unbelievable depth of the 3D space. Oculus Rift goggles are a real news on our market, giving huge display possibilities and arousing outstanding emotions.