BMW - interactive wall
BMW - interactive wall, projection


Interactive technology is a perfect solution for marketing campaigns. Even the biggest and most prestigious brands in the world value its tremendous potential. One of them is BMW. Hugely popular automaker asked Berrylife to prepare multimedia for the new Series 3 premiere at Bawaria Motors in Katowice.

At Bawaria we created a huge interactive projection - the image was 16 square meters big. We used it to show a video advertisement for BMW’s new car. Then the guests were given a chance to interact with the projection themselves. Different visual effects and promotional content from the automaker really made an impression.

While planning and designing a multimedia installation at a car showroom, we had to prepare for an additional challenge. Glass, see-through windows, typical for places like that, can become a serious difficulty because of the light they allow inside the building. But at Berrylife we are ready to beat any odds, and this time couldn’t be any different. As always, the image was clear, and interaction worked perfectly smooth.