Our story

Three friends and one dream – that was all it took to create something extraordinary.

The story of our company doesn't begin like the legendary tales of Silicon Valley; there's not even the iconic garage involved. It's a tale of three college buddies who started a business in a plain, student flat. Yet it was precisely this beginning, brimming with energy and enthusiasm, that gave us the strength and determination to succeed and establish Berrylife — a company filled with positive energy, joy, and passion.

It's unclear who exactly coined the name Berrylife (there are plenty of theories 🙂). We wanted it to reflect our approach to life and be associated with something positive, fun, and joyful.


Final year of college. Three friends from the course: Łukasz, Mateusz, and Marek – dream about starting their own business and becoming independent.

All three are finishing a degree in culture management, but they don't want to pursue a career in that field. During one of their meetings, they come to the conclusion that they will create interactive advertising.


Berrylife is born — an interactive agency business registered under the Academic Entrepreneurship Incubators. The first office is a room in a student apartment, equipped with just personal laptops 🙂


Receiving a business startup grant of 120,000 PLN and establishing a commercial enterprise in the form of a civil partnership, followed by moving to an incubator in the Krakow Technology Park.


The first recruitments, expansion of the team, and projects in the area of interactive multimedia. We enhance our offer with AR/VR solutions and move to a larger office in a private house.


We expand in terms of both the number of projects and team members. We move into the office of a new building at the Krakow Technology Park, and the technical and warehouse part relocates to Skawina. The company's growth leads to the division into three departments: multimedia event services, creative (programming and graphic design), and permanent multimedia installations.


Significant changes result from the establishment of a new strategy and structural transformations. We move away from many scattered activities and focus strongly on the realization of multimedia stands and multimedia event services.

Additionally, after the pandemic turmoil, we emerge enriched in know-how and experience in organizing events in hybrid and online formats.


Our core business focuses on three main areas: multimedia stands, multimedia event staging, and content creation for the above.

This is also a time of investment in technical infrastructure and team expansion.

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Location and contact

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Creative Department Office
ul. Podole 60 (KPT Office Building) 30-394 Kraków
Office & Warehouse
ul. Piłsudskiego 7, 32-050 Skawina