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Augmented Reality and NFC technology in application for Castle Museum
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Augmented Reality

AR technology involves applying a digital image on the actual camera view. In this way, we can connect the real world with the one we created. The image visible on the device's display is enriched with additional information, animations, graphics, 3D models, and video. It is also possible to add the functionality of interaction with the digital image.

AR applications are a new way to:
- present products
- present products that are yet to be created
- illustrate the processes and functionalities of real objects
- present additional informational and marketing content
- enrich classic marketing materials

We distinguish two types of AR:

- mobile AR (Android, IOS, Windows)
- AR using external cameras and large format media such as LED screens, and video walls.

The second type is a great idea for a spectacular public event

We often combine AR technology with VR. In this situation, some content is presented as an additional and generated image, which is then superimposed on the real image, while materials such as 360-degree videos or animations are watched on a flat screen or in a Gear VR or cardboard adapter.

How do we work?

We start with a question of what purpose and need should the planned AR application fulfil. The creative team interviews the client and supports the client with our experience in creating augmented reality. Based on the information gathered and the brief, we develop the concept of augmented reality project. Then we consult our idea with the client, collect comments, implement and finalise the final AR application concept. A storyboard and functional scheme of the application are created. From conceptual work, we move to production. The 3D design team starts working. At the same time, our programmers create scripts, which will introduce interaction at the user-content level. For this purpose, we mainly use Unity 3D and Unreal graphic engines. 3D models and emerging fragments of AR applications are constantly tested and consulted with the client until final acceptance. If the AR application is intended for a wide audience, we place it in Google Play stores, AppStore.

We offer:

- multimedia guides with the reconstruction of museum exhibits in augmented reality
- medical AR applications
- AR applications for industrial companies
- AR applications for children
- AR applications for corporate events
- product presentations in augmented reality for the needs of fairs


Animated Wawel heads in augmented reality.

The application of augmented reality prepared for the Krakow Balice Airport. The animated 3D models with a slight humor encouraged to visit Krakow.


Augmented reality application

Exemplary operation of the Augmented reality application