360 VR video

360 VR video

Using GoPro Hero cameras and specialized software we create 360 ° virtual reality films. The technology's advantage is a possibility to change a viewpoint in any way while watching a movie. In the 360 degree standard it is possible to film almost any place (also from the air, with a drone), indoor space or object. In our realizations we focus on immersion. We want a user feel like in the center of a movie, taking part in the action.

Video 360 allows you to find yourself in places that are distant, inaccessible or no longer existent. An interesting idea, proper recording as well as post-production and sound production allow for extremely realistic transfer of the user into a completely different reality.

On the left, a 360-degree spherical film showing the entry of the cable car from the bottom station Kuźnice through the intermediate station Myślenickie Turnie up to the top station Kasprowy Wierch.

VR animations

VR animations allow to present and understand processes and situations that we are not really able to experience in real life. Virtual reality allows us to immerse ourselves in reality that isn't available in any other way.

This short compilation of 3D animations presents a medicine-related animation under the project United-Digitals.com. We can find there a classic 3D animation, 360-degree recordings and recordings combined with VR animation and post-production.

Animacje VR

Animacje VR pomagają przedstawić oraz zrozumieć procesy i sytuacje których w rzeczywistości nie jesteśmy w stanie doświadczyć. Wirtualna rzeczywistość pozwala nam zanurzyć się w przestrzeni w żaden inny sposób nie dostępnej. 

W przedstawionej krótkiej kompilacji animacji 3d prezentujemy animację o tematyce medycznej powstałej w ramach projektu United-Digitals.com. Odnajdziemy tam klasyczną animację 3d, nagrania 360 oraz nagrania połączone z animacją i postprodukcją VR.

How do we work?

We start with a question of what purpose and needs should the planned 360-degree film production fulfil. The creative team interviews the client, supports the client with experience in recordings, the specificity of materials, editing, post-production and, what is equally important, the experience the recipient can receive. We prepare a film script, and then we shoot. We pre-combine the 360 material for evaluation and selection. We consult ideas for the final editing and post-production. Next is the stitching stage and masking selected 360 video materials, editing and post-production. During the acceptance process, we introduce final corrections and hand over the final material. If there is such a need, we help to publish the movie on YouTube or other social networks.


360 films, also known as spherical, help our clients:

- present inaccessible places, such as the interior of a mine or a closed construction site
- present products in a completely new way
- present construction investments more realistically
- present tourist facilities in a more attractive way
- educate

We use various go pro, rigs, and recording equipment configurations for our recordings. We render the output material in 4K resolution. The image is adapted to all platforms enabling 360 video playback. Often we combine 360 ​​video materials with spherical animation, enriching the visual and information layer.

We can watch 360 films using VR goggles such as Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and budget-friendly solutions such as Google Cardboard, which allow for a simple VR headset using a normal smartphone. What is very important, 360 videos are supported by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and most other platforms for storing and sharing video content.

A 360 film is a promotional material that can be widely published on the web or presented at business meetings. On the other hand, it is a great attraction during spectacular events. It is also a great lure, willingly used at a fair. By replacing the classic stand construction with walls made of LED or seamless screens, we can show the image seen by the VR user to other guests. With such a configuration, it's always crowded around the stand, and this is a great opportunity to talk. Thanks to the comprehensive Berrylife offer, we can organise the whole project.

A 360-degree recording of the Royal Route in Krakow, from Plac Matejki to Wawel Hill. A 360 film is the opportunity to present places and spaces attractive for tourists. Viewers decide to visit the place realistically or on a sentimental return to the places already visited.

Stunning 360 panoramas from Montenegro and Croatia. Video 360 is a great convenience in choosing a tourist destination. Looking around in the space of virtual reality, we can get to know places that we have not yet visited. This is a great way to present hotels, guesthouses and tourist attractions.