Interaktywne muzeum - Berrylife

Interactive museum


We take an active part in the whole process of the exhibition. Starting from initial consultations, through design to implementation. Well planned interactive paths allow to get the participants involved much more than the standard transition from one room to another, typical for the museums from the previous era. Thanks to multimedia solutions, we can significantly shorten the distance between the exhibit and visitors. In digital form, we can show exhibits that have not been preserved or for some reason have not been included in the exhibition, and showing them is of key importance to the narrative of the exhibition. We can also present museum objects in a more complete way. Let's take old books for example. In the traditional form, you can only see its cover or selected pages. In digital form, we can model a 3D object, view it from every perspective and leaf through pages. We can transfer an antique sculpture to the virtual reality using a 3D scan, place it in historical space, revive it.  

A multimedia table, eagerly used in museum exhibitions, saves exhibition space, eliminating standard displays with text. You can present substantive content on it, but also engage interactive applications.

In turn, a large-format projection is a way to revive walls, floor or ceiling. It can be enriched with the function of motion detection, which is a great attraction for visitors.

VR stands will help to extend the exhibition with additional spaces, show non-existent objects, move the viewer into the world which the exhibition talks about.

The multimedia audio guide with functions of augmented reality is a comfortable way of visiting for groups and individual users, including foreign-language users. Thanks to AR technology, the exhibits can be enriched with additional content, visible on the screen of the phone or tablet.   

Berrylife combines competence in the field of AV equipment as well as graphics, animation, information technology, thanks to which it can offer comprehensive solutions for the museum industry.