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Interactive table with the multimedia application
Touchable table with a presentation
Hiperwall - Control center
Touch screen - meeting room
Videowall - control center

Multimedia offices


How do we work?
At the beginning, we check what goals and needs should the planned audiovisual installation fulfil. Once we know what an investor wants to achieve by installing, e.g, a conference sound system, a video wall screen or a digital signage monitor system located in the facility, we then select the appropriate concept and develop the installation project. When creating the implementation plan, we take into account only proven hardware solutions, the most suitable to achieve the intended effect. Then we send our technicians and AV specialists to assembly at a pre-arranged place and time. After completing the work, it's time for training in the operation of the installed multimedia system. When designing installations, we always try to make the use of devices and digital signage management systems as easy as possible.

Conference rooms:
Properly selected projection size together with a professional audio system facilitates efficient conference running, allowing you to focus on its content. The audio video system is an integral part of the conference room. A well-designed and installed conference system does not require interference, it can be almost maintenance-free.

Meeting rooms:
The most often chosen solution in this type of projects are large-scale touch monitors and teleconferencing systems. The size of the monitor is selected depending on the size of the room and the number of people attending the meetings.

Multimedia in the reception part are selected depending on the function they have to fulfil. If the main emphasis is placed on the company's image, a great solution is, for example, a large format video wall integrated into the interior of the room. Such a wall composed of thin-frame screens can be enriched by interaction through the touch function or motion detection. Video walls will be suitable both for the presentation of dedicated multimedia applications and ready-made image materials.

Another solution often used in the lobby are info-kiosks and touch totems. Thanks to a properly designed application, they can provide information or entertainment functions, making the meeting more attractive.

Video walls for analysis and monitoring centres:
In places where size and every detail are important, the best solution is monitors with an extremely thin frame and native 4K or larger resolution. For example, a video wall with 2x2 modules can be projected in 8K resolution. Thanks to the high image quality and the appropriately configured remaining parameters, analysts can see more without straining the eyesight.

We work with: NEC, Hyundai, Ricoh