Modern and multimedia fair stands

We specialise in building multimedia stands and all starts with a concept, then goes through a project phase and ends with execution and service. We also supply advanced multimedia solutions for stands built by other companies. Do you want to stand out from the competition? Contact us!

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Exhibition stands - multimedia solutions
Silvair fair stand, LuxLive 2016, London
Stand with a huge videowall - seamless monitors
Stand with a wall of seamless monitors
KGHM fair stand at Economic Forum
Lufthansa fair stand, Economic Forum in Krynica
Stand with a videowall and mutlimedia tables
Cisco Forum 2016 - HD screens
Polish Defence Holding
Deles Group -  3x3 videowall

What makes us different:

Focusing on customer's success
In our work, we don't only focus on providing nice, modern fair stands. Our priority is to make our customers achieve their strategic goals at a fair. Therefore, at the design stage of a fair stand, we focus on examining the needs and assumptions of our client so we can select the appropriate media for them. Sales, image building, the premiere of a new product, or maybe collecting as many new contacts as possible? We can select tested tools and well thought out design concepts for each of these scenarios.

Knowledge and experience
Our team has extensive experience in designing and implementing multimedia fair stands. We successfully carry out several hundred orders each year. We know and cooperate with fair complexes both in Poland (Poznań, Kielce, Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź etc.) and in Europe (Hanover, Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, London, Madrid etc.), as well as on other continents (San Francisco, Shanghai , Melbourne, Dubai etc.).

Technological background
We have our own equipment base and a qualified team of specialists in new technologies and development, which allows us to carry out the boldest multimedia projects in a reliable and timely manner.

Creativity and focus on innovation
You can't build the image of a modern and dynamic company using traditional and all-too-familiar fair solutions. Our designers and project mangers spare no effort to ensure that the stands we design are functional, aesthetic and modern, and above all that they help achieve the goals set by our clients.


Fair technologies:
- Large format video walls
- Interactive solutions
- Virtual reality
- Augmented reality
- 3D mapping
- Multimedia entertainment

Large format video walls
Thanks to the latest generation of multimedia equipment, i.e. LED screens, seamless monitors, or high brightness projectors, we can turn traditional fair stand walls into vivid images that attract visitors' attention from a distance. The screens are also used to present multimedia content, display the offer, conduct a teleconference or broadcast an image from another part of the fair or from the company's headquarters. Most importantly, by using advanced video processors, we can perform all of these functions simultaneously in different parts of the wall or change them on a regular basis.

Virtual reality
The big advantage of VR technology is the possibility of moving into a different reality. Thanks to 360 ​​VR film, we can show the company's headquarters or the most interesting projects carried out by the client. By using 360 animations, we can not only enrich the video image, but also create a completely unique virtual space or present items that can't be physically displayed at the fair. This technology gives the opportunity to penetrate inside the object and imitate it with anatomical precision. Yet another form of VR are applications that allow users to interact with the virtual environment.

Augmented reality
AR technology involves applying a digital image on the actual camera view. By placing products in the frame, the screen may display graphics or animations corresponding to the item. By using a phone or tablet, we can show additional multimedia functionalities on products, packaging, advertising materials or graphic elements of the stand.


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