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Cisco Forum - HD3 LED screen on stage
LED screen on Lufthansa stand in Krynica
LED screen
Presentation of picture quality in LED screen
LED screen - ISE 2015
LED screen - Cisco Forum
HD3 LED screen on Cisco Forum

Large format video walls

We provide assistance in the selection, rental, transport and installation of LED screens, as well as full implementation of the vision during events.

We have a wide range of different LED screens. In our offer, we have the highest quality and resolution screens p 2.6, affordable cabinets p 3.9, which have become the standard of large conference scenes in recent years, as well as screens for outdoor applications p 5.7, which guarantee the highest image quality at outdoor events. We use only screens from world-renowned manufacturers such as: Dicolor, Unilumin and Absen, guaranteeing the highest quality at an optimum price. We have a very wide range of assembly accessories, which gives us the opportunity to adapt the assembly method to the requirements of the place where the event takes place and the function the screen should perform. It can be mounted on an independent, freestanding structure, in a fair or stage construction, as well as on a suspension. Our cabinets can be connected at different angles and thanks to this option we can build convex and concave screens as well as unusual shapes for stage design applications. Thanks to advanced image processors, video mixers and VJ software, we provide a full range of ways to display content on the screen. This allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to realise a vision at a level known from TV studios or major television shows.

Berrylife provides a comprehensive service thanks to:
- experienced assembly team and functional construction of LED cabinets, allowing to shorten assembly time to the necessary minimum
- professional vision implementers who are good at working under the pressure of time and importance of the event
- support of our own graphic studio, which provides animation, graphic and film content for the needs of various events and perfectly knows the specificity of diode screens

We invite you to contact us. Our team of multimedia specialists will be happy to help you choose the right LED screen.